Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


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Spring is all about getting things started: in the ground, in flats and cold frames. Farms and gardens in our climate start seedlings indoors during these months: our many varieties of tomatoes along with celery root and dozens of other crops will go into the garden in May. Broccoli and cabbage seedlings can take light frosts, so we set them out early. New Lambs arrive in the pasture.


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Summer is all about flowers and fruits . . . and weeds. Come see what’s coming up in the garden. In the meadow, the lambs are weaned and thriving. Our breeding flock of heirloom birds is one of the few remaining in the world.


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Fall brings the end of annual growth: hard-shelled fruits with developed seeds inside, and the root crops. The growing is over, but the season of good eating will last a lot longer. Our year here was marked by extraordinary drought, but with just a few well-timed irrigations and a wealth of mulch, our garden fed us nicely through the summer and has provisioned our root cellar for the months to come.


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Winter is for resting, dreaming, and living off the bounty of our harvest. The pantry is full, the house is warm, and the seed catalogs are on their way.