Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


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Barbara KingsolverBarbara Kingsolver
Smashing Pumpkins by Barbara Kingsolver
“Driving through our little town in late fall, still a bit love-struck for Tuscany’s charm, I began to see my hometown through new eyes. We don’t have medieval hilltop towns, but we do have bucolic seasonal decor and we are not afraid to use it. “Look,” I cried to my family, “we live in Pleasantville.” Read More >

Barbara KingsolverSteven L. Hopp
Oily Food by Steven L. Hopp
“Americans put almost as much fossil fuel into our refrigerators as our cars. We’re consuming about 400 gallons of oil a year per citizen – about 17% of our nation’s energy use – for agriculture, a close second to our vehicular use.” Read More >

Barbara KingsolverCamille Kingsolver

Food Fright by Camille Kingsolver
“When I travel on airplanes I often indulge in one of my favorite guilty pleasures: trashy magazines. Nothing makes the time fly like most-embarrassing-first-date stories and completely impractical fashion advice.  And of course, always, the diet dos and don’ts.” Read More >